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Something new and concrete in 2024

After some time of “silent” and rather administrative activity, Pro VTT, thanks to the involvement of new players, is taking on a new dimension in the year 2024.

This will result in a greater presence on the ground and a continued strong commitment to the freedom to travel on trails and their preservation.

The annual contribution was thus slightly increased and brought to 49 francs per year in order to support the maintenance of the paths through the Trail card Valais.
The latter is also available for the day, for two days or for the week for visitors to the canton.

It obviously has no mandatory aspect, but the amounts collected will be used to finance maintenance days on the trails frequented by mountain bikers. For the latter, this card will allow them to affirm and demonstrate that they actively support the association and very concretely the maintenance of the trails they use.

Detailed information appears on the new PRO VTT website where you can therefore pay your annual subscription.

Interview day on March 25 in Conthey

A first date for trail maintenance has been set for March 25, in the town of Conthey and it is possible to register as a volunteer on the website.

General meeting on April 16 in Sion

You are also invited to the 2024 general assembly of PRO VTT , next Tuesday, April 16, at Les Brasseurs (rue de Lausanne 27 in Sion) at 7 p.m.

This will be an opportunity to look back on the activities of the past year and present to you the new developments of the current financial year.