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Sun, Solidarity and Trails: The Valais MTB Community brings Contheysans trails back to life

In a burst of solidarity and under generous sunshine, the first day of maintenance of mountain bike trails organized by ProVTT Valais in collaboration with the municipality of Conthey was a great success.


On this Monday 03.25.2024, 17 volunteers passionate about mountain biking, armed with shovels, rakes, and other tools provided by the Contheysanne municipal administration, put their muscles to the test to revitalize the approved trails of the "Coteaux du Soleil ".

2403 maintenance trails conthey 03

The event, which symbolizes the renewal and ambition of ProVTT Valais, saw the enthusiastic participation of volunteers from across the canton to lend a hand and ensure the sustainability of the official Contheysans routes. Supervised by three municipal employees, these mountain bike lovers not only shared a moment of conviviality, but also contributed to the preservation of their favorite playground.

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According to the head of public works in Conthey, the work accomplished by these volunteers would have required more than a week of maintenance for two municipal employees, thus underlining the significant impact of this initiative. This interview day is just the beginning of a series of actions aimed at encouraging collaboration between municipalities and the mountain bike community, with the aim of highlighting the region's routes, while ensuring their maintenance .

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The event is part of a "win-win-win" approach: rapid reopening of the paths for the pleasure of practitioners, substantial savings for the municipality, and highlighting the exemplary commitment of the Valais cycling community . The lunch break, offered by the municipality, was an opportunity to strengthen ties between the participants and to discuss the next stages of this ambitious project.

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ProVTT Valais thanks all the volunteers for their active participation and their team spirit. This day is just the beginning of a great collective adventure for the development and promotion of mountain biking in the canton of Valais, always with respect for nature and the territories that welcome us in mind.

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