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MTB Guides & Bikeshops

Let’s strengthen our impact on the trails

Mountain bike guides, bike shops or hotels in Valais benefit directly from the quality of the trails. Together, let's significantly improve the attractiveness of our work tool.

Proudly display your participation in Pro VTT

Bike stores and hotels in Valais, you are the key players in the mountain bike industry in Valais.

Your passion and commitment to this sport are the reasons why visitors return year after year to explore the canton's trails.

However, to continue to develop and maintain these trails, we need your support.

This is why we invite you to join the Pro VTT en Valais label, which aims to promote the sustainable development of mountain biking in the region.

As a supporter, you will benefit from increased visibility among tourists and locals looking to have a quality mountain bike experience in Valais.

By joining the Pro VTT label, you show your commitment to the sustainable development of mountain biking in Valais and to the future of this sport in the region.

Join us to be part of the movement and make a significant difference in the development of mountain biking in Valais.