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Launch of the Trail Card

If you like riding the trails of Valais and enjoy enjoying quality trails, you can now choose to support trail maintenance by purchasing the Trail Card .

The Trail Card is a card sold online for different durations depending on your needs. You can buy it for a day, two days, a week or even a whole year. The price varies depending on the duration chosen, but it remains very reasonable and affordable for everyone.

By purchasing your Trail Card, you contribute directly to trail maintenance. The money collected by is used to maintain existing trails, and to sustainably promote mountain biking activity in Valais.

„Trail Alliance is the missing link between the mountain bike community and the municipalities. Contributing to Trail Alliance is essential for the sustainable development of mountain biking on the trails of Valais.“

The purchase of the Trail Card is of course optional and voluntary, but it is strongly recommended for those who are sensitive to the maintenance of mountain bike trails in Valais and their promotion. If you are one of the regular mountain bikers in Valais, you can also buy the card for a whole year and thus save in the long term, and benefit from advantages from bike shops, guides and professional partners.

The Trail Card is on sale directly on our site by clicking here.