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Ban on mountain bikes: Bovernier reviews its copy

Following opposition (supported by the petition signed by more than 1,000 people) received as part of the investigation into the ban on cycles and mopeds, the Municipal Council de Bovernier decided to review his copy.

Communal councilor David Buff was tasked with developing a new project which he will refine this spring, the aim being “to find common ground while specifying that the safety of walkers remains the priority concern of the Municipal Council », writes the Municipality to Pro VTT.

A Municipality which “cannot say that this project will be very different from the first”, but it will be submitted to the manager of Valrando and to some defenders of the practice of mountain biking.

Pro VTT is obviously delighted to have been heard, with the support of the petitioners, and will remain attentive to the evolution of this matter.