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Ban on bicycles on the Bovernier trails

Responding to complaints from some residents and walkers, the Municipality of Bovernier has decided to prohibit the circulation of bicycles on several trails in the Champex valley and the Ecoteaux sector.</ p>

This decision, which has yet to be confirmed following the public inquiry into the prohibition signs, disappoints and worries mountain bikers in the region and the canton. A petition has been launched to ask the Municipality of Bovernier to reconsider its position.

The petitioners encourage the Municipality, rather than decreeing bans, to promote education, fair play and the essential common sense for harmonious cohabitation between walkers and cyclists on its trails.

In this case, practical and pragmatic solutions, such as suitable signage, some simple adjustments to the routes and maintenance days for certain paths, can be found so that everyone can practice their favorite activity in good harmony and in harmony. mutual respect. To sign the petition online, click on this page.